An installation of gold leaf

An installation of gold leaf that I started to create to recreate a landscape that I had seen in a dream.

The gold leaf, which is cut and discarded in the textile manufacturing process, is the leaf that is woven into the weave. It is about 5 to 15 cm long. I wanted to recreate the look of this gold and silver leaf falling from the sky by hand binding it about 8,000 times.

I want to continue to create new things with modern technology and link them to the future. AWAI's creations, carefully woven with reliable materials and techniques, will not lose their beauty in 100 years.

My mission is to create a space where new creations and discarded objects exist together, where there is abundance, love, beauty and healing energy.

I received the Prix d'art luxembourgeois 2022 Certificate of Artistic Merit for this installation. The museum's selection committee awarded the certificate as a tribute to the artist's achievement and as an encouragement to continue my artistic work in the future.

As soon as you discover something that appeals to your soul, you can start. We are all creative creatures in this world.

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