The Water Project

Somewhere in the world, the wheels will surely start moving, resonating with my mission!

I wonder if it is because I have always believed and wished strongly that I would surely meet that person.

To circulate the vibrations of love through the healing of AWAI's pure water.

A world where children do not have to walk 10 km every day for drinking water.

Transforming the use of the beautiful textile culture sublimated in Japan to suit the changing times.

When Hermès changed from the age of the carriage to the age of the car.

Just as Hermès shifted from harnesses to bags for the enjoyment of travelling.

The patterns woven with prayers for the wearer's happiness are used to decorate the interior of a room.

The interior of a room can be decorated with a pattern woven with a prayer, wishing for the happiness of the wearer.

It can be used as an interior decoration to create a space where you can relax and feel the healing power of water.

Or, to be carried as a bag for an exciting journey or excursion.

The Water Project will start soon.

Collaboration brand between the two ancient capitals of Kamakura and Kyoto.

AWAI tableware and interior goods

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