AWAI GALLERY Sakanoshita Open

AWAI is pleased to announce the opening of AWAI GALLERY Sakanoshita on October 10, 2022 at 10:10am as a gallery where you can actually see our works.

AWAI will continue to convey the purity of running water and the unconstrained nature of the floating clouds to modern life in a lighthearted manner through its design works of clouds, haze, rain, snow, ice, and waves in a pure space with water.

I have decided to use the alcove as a space to present new works. Gold leaf that would otherwise be discarded was reconnected to string and hang tapestries. When new textiles are completed, I will exhibit them here, and this will be a very important space in terms of developing ideas for the development of these works.

I received a lot of flowers and the entrance is very festive. Thank you all very much.

The 3meter table also fits in safely. The furniture is strangely at home in the Japanese house. I love the feeling of a chair, a masterpiece, that has a strong will and stands in its place while expressing a beauty that never loses sight of itself anywhere.


Now, as this is just one passing point, we would like to continue to enjoy and move forward.
I will keep you informed online and in the actual gallery.

Collaboration brand of the two ancient capitals, Kamakura and Kyoto

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