Dyeing studio visits

I finally visited the dyeing workshop.

There was an enquiry from an overseas visitor, who is still interested in how these silk threads are dyed so beautifully...

The component called sericin in the silk is washed out to make the silk threads shiny.

The silk threads are then dyed unevenly while being rotated in 95°C for one hour.

They are then washed off and dried in the natural wind.

It is a simple process, but to achieve subtle shades, the threads are selected, pre-treated and the colours adjusted many times during the dyeing process, and finally, they are properly dried in the Kyoto wind to prevent them from becoming musty.

It takes a lot of time and effort, and it's hot anyway...

That's not surprising, since the water is boiling at 95°C all over the place. Thank goodness...

Japan is probably the most outstanding country in the world in terms of work that focuses so much on the luster of the silk...

I want to deliver it to the people of the world. Beautiful Japanese textiles...

I was attracted to, fascinated by and possessed by this shelf of threads, and the AWAI of today was born. A dreamlike story.

A collaboration brand between the two ancient capitals of Kamakura and Kyoto.

AWAI tableware and interior goods

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