When the grass and trees begin to bud.

Rainwater is replaced by snow, the earth awakens, and with the melting of the snow, the signs of spring can be felt everywhere.

AWAI GALLERY Sakanoshita is currently exhibiting Hina-sama dolls.

Coordinating on the walls are Tenpyo phoenixes with floral karakusa woven with threads dyed with pure Japanese Akane, which gives a sense of the energy of the earth.
The 3 March Hina Matsuri is a glamorous celebration. It is a time when the season switches from winter to spring, so it is a time to feel refreshed.

In the tokonoma (alcove), a tapestry is decorated with the undisclosed 'Wave  Tatewaku' Japanese Akane and gold thread gradation.

The plum trees in my gallery garden are in full bloom and a sweet fragrance is in the air.

We hope everyone is in good health on this fine spring day.

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