Japan's best present for your loved ones.

AWAI's Art textiles, Shizuku pendant , and Snow kiss (lacquer sake cups) are ready for your boxes.

How about a gift for those who have taken care of you during the year-end and New Year holidays, or a reward for yourself for working so hard this year...?

Shizuku pendant are also becoming more lustrous. The smooth teardrop shape enhances a woman's beauty and grace. When you want to keep your mind steady or need healing, wrap the drop in your palm as if you are praying, and your mind will become flat and free from attachment.

The transparency of the lacquer has improved after one year of production. Lacquer is applied in three coats. The lacquer is applied in three coats: a base coat, a middle coat, and a top coat. This Snow kiss is covered with gold, red, and blue powder under the black top coat, creating a beautiful cosmic scene like the Geminids meteor shower flowing through the midwinter sky.

Art Textile's "Chrysanthemum karakusa linking the seven treasures". I feel the importance of the relationship between people and the fact that our current existence is connected to the world by a continuous lineage from our ancestors.

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to open the gallery on October 10, 2022.

I am currently painting mandalas in various color schemes for our next textile work, which I will give away as a gift to everyone who makes a purchase during the Christmas gift period, which ends on December 25. If you are interested in the mandala, please visit our gallery in Kamakura and choose the color scheme that you feel most comfortable with.

Please keep warm and stay well.

Blog by Mami