The Sun

This is a very pleasant time of year to take a walk around Japan, and it is strange because we want to be in nature so much that we think our bodies know it is important to get some sun before the winter arrives in earnest. This morning, many people were paying their respects at the Goryo Shrine, buying rice cakes, and walking toward the sea. If you take a stroll along a typical Kamakura street, you may be able to find it.

Today's sun, gold leaf installation, and glass works were a time-limited collaboration.

We also changed the tapestry in the tokonoma (alcove). The water-derived patterns, which can purify water and create a healing space, give off good vibes to the water in the cut flowers here, so the flowers will bloom for an unbelievably long time.

The old brazier was given to us and the energy of fire was added to further balance the space.

A collaboration between the two ancient capitals of Kamakura and Kyoto

AWAI tableware and interior goods

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