Today's Gratitude

It is the season when the morning sun shines into the house from low in the sky. The sun illuminates the rooms on the east side of the house and creates shadows in the rooms on the west side. In the shadows unique to Japanese houses with their shoji screens, sliding doors, and transoms, AWAI works and other beautiful old Japanese objects that have come to this gallery by chance are beginning to breathe again.

One of them is a flower stand that my mother, a floral designer and craftsman bonsai artist, used to use yesterday.

My mother might laugh at the way I use it if she saw it, but I am sure she would have warmly watched over it.

I hope that you will also talk with plants and trees of high vibrations and see them. From now on, Japan will be in the season of beautiful autumn leaves.

Here is today's entrance.

A collaboration brand between the two ancient capitals of Kamakura and Kyoto

AWAI tableware and interior goods

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