Custom Order

AWAI accepts custom orders for interior items using the Nishijin-ori and Kamakura-bori designs we produce.
Textiles can also be mounted or framed for display, or prepared for hanging as a tapestry.
We can also create one-of-a-kind light fixtures incorporating Nishijin-ori or Kamakura-bori. Please contact us for more infomation.

Upholstery Textiles

Textile for Furniture

Nishijin-ori textiles custom-made to fit your table or other furniture.
Silk is also used for the lining.
You may select any design used in the AWAI textile line.
Please feel free to contact me for more information or for larger quantities.

Framed Textiles

Art Frame1

Art Frame2

Nishijin-ori textiles mounted for display on walls, in alcoves, or atop other furniture.
These textiles can also be prepared to hang lightly on walls like tapestries.
All designs used in AWAI products are available.

Light Fixtures

Custom-order Kamakura-bori or Nishijin-ori light fixtures.
Kamakura-bori motifs available include drifting clouds, phoenixes, qilin, bamboo, and floral karakusa arabesques.
Choose from blue, rouge, beige, or other colors to suit your decorating style and interiors.
Nishijin-ori lampshades gleam with a glossy finish in the natural light of day and illuminate with a gentle glow by night.

A tatewaku design evoking crashing waves.
Tatewaku is a courtly motif with pairs of undulating lines that represent rising clouds or water.
It has ancient roots, appearing on textiles stored for over a thousand years in the Shosoin Treasure House, and is often used on costumes for the Noh theater.
Through these patterns of pale blue gradations and silver, light becomes waves that illuminate with a gentle glow.