Buddhist Mandala Painting Experience at a 100-Year-Old Gallery in Kamakura

Hase, Sakanoshita and Gokurakuji areas are lined with temples and shrines, and AWAI GALLERY is located in the Sakanoshita area.

We will start mandala painting sutra chanting and spatial experience in a 96-year-old house, AWAI GALLERY.

The mandala is designed and drawn by artist Mami, who has reinterpreted the mandala of esoteric Buddhism origin. The mandala will be dyed with cherry trees and coloured with watercolours on handmade Japanese paper grown from mulberry trees in Nasu.

Participants will spend time calming their senses while drawing a mandala on the theme of water.

You can then take a photograph of the completed mandala as a hanging scroll in the alcove on the second floor, enjoy matcha tea and sweets, and take the completed work home with you.

This experience requires you to focus your attention on the mandala, so it is a rare opportunity to experience a feeling similar to meditation and gain insight into Japanese spirituality.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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