Connecting Threads, Connecting Lives

One of the things that got me started was working on rice dishes in Tango Yosano.

I am now working in textile design.

To create beautiful textiles that are said to be the only ones left in the world

I have loved nature since I was little , and I love all living things, including elephants.

Insects and butterflies have never been my favorite, but recently I have come to realize that they are trying to tell me something.

I am now able to have a conversation with butterflies as well. 

Of course, the earth does not belong to "people.
 Whenever someone asked me , "Which era would you like to go back to?

I always answered, "I want to go back to the Earth when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Anyway,My partner’s project, in which AWAI is now actively participating, is the "Circle of Love.

To provide water for children in countries with water problems to live.

And to protect the creatures on earth that are endangered and in need of help.

I create the artwork, and the clients get to put it in their hands and smile in a healing space.

Furthermore, we aim to create a cycle on the earth where all life can live happily and with a smile.

My mission is to create, to create with artisans, and to pass it on!

Collaboration brand of two ancient capitals, Kamakura and Kyoto

AWAI tableware & interior goods

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