Gallery with no signage yet in Kamakura

What material will the GALLERY sign be made of, the size... I have a firm idea of the design, but it is taking a bit of time because I want to keep it in use for a long time once it is produced. Right now it is a gallery without a sign.

If you look at the picture of the entrance and input your image, you may not pass by. When we are open, the wooden gate is open.

To those of you who always visit us online, thank you so much!

I have opened a gallery in the hope that you will feel more at ease by actually holding our products in your hands.

I hope that you will feel more at ease by actually holding the items in your hands.I hope you will take a look at the beautiful textiles of Kyoto that still exist in Japan and use them as gifts and souvenirs for those who have taken care of you in your homes overseas.

I selected a pattern from an old book, drew a picture, made a pattern mold, and had a weaver weave it. We would be happy if you could take a look at these works, which have finally arrived at this point after careful and time-consuming process.

We look forward to welcoming you all.

Collaboration brand of two ancient capitals, Kamakura and Kyoto

AWAI tableware and interior goods

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