Preparing for gallery opening.

I've just finished a bit of a big move: the works for the gallery exhibition, the huge amount of vessels I've been collecting for my cooking work, the stones and lawn in the garden, and my personal belongings.

Before the fun work of how to create the gallery, the task of tidying up the vessels, personal belongings and books has to be done first, and once this is clear, the energy for the next round can begin.

I had made it a habit to clean for two hours in the morning at my old place, so if I spend two hours every morning cleaning the larger house, I feel purified, so even though I've just moved in, I don't feel uncomfortable at all.

The gallery is just the beginning. We'll get down to business!

Only the lovely entrance is ready for anyone to come in at any time, so I put it there with the artwork.

This framed work is an early work of Sasa gentian.

Even if the space changes, I feel that the vibrations emitted by the work are high. I want to receive and convey the high skill and spirit of the weaver who wove this work.

I will move forward carefully, one by one, following the inspiration.

I want to create a collaboration that transcends time and space between this 95-year-old building and those of us who live in the present.

Collaboration brand of the two ancient capitals of Kamakura and Kyoto.

AWAI tableware and interior goods

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